Posted October 3, 2009

Bryce in Sunnyvale

Bryce in Sunnyvale

This is part of a playground at Sunnyvale Baylands Park. Nevertheless, I’ve had a lot of people guess, upon first seeing it, that this was done in Bryce. People have been conditioned to think it’s CGI when they see spheres and tall skinny pyramids.

Taken late one night in May, 1998 with a Minolta XG-M and the 50mm f1.7 lens on Ektachrome 100, scanned on a Polaroid SprintScan 35+, then cleaned up, slightly color corrected, and cropped in Photoshop 7. Alas, I don’t take notes when I’m shooting and this was the age before EXIF, so f-stop and exposure time are lost to history.

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  1. Beautiful lighting in this photo… i really like shapes it almost looks like a fairytale scene

    Posted by: Luisa | October 17, 2009, 8:19 am

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